Why Your Law Firm Needs a Blog

In the days of yore, the legal field was all about networking, referrals, and pitching your firm’s achievements. But now, blogging makes up an enormous chunk of many law firms’ marketing budgets. 

Increased Web Traffic 

A blog increases traffic to your law firm’s website. It increases leads and retains existing clients by working with search engine algorithms to get noticed. 

Search engines rank web pages daily, not entire websites. The chances that your law firm will pop-up on Google’s first-page increase significantly if your firm has a law blog related to what the potential client has Googled. Consistent blogging, and using specific keywords that potential clients are searching for, will help Google rank you higher – 400% higher in fact. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Consistent blogging is nothing without search engine optimization. With SEO, the blogger can include specific keywords. These keywords have been identified as the exact phrases internet users are typing into their search engine to find the information they need. Without these exact phrases, used a few times throughout the article, the blog is less likely to be ranked high in the search engine – making your firm harder to find. 

What to Write About

Your law firm should be blogging about issues you are an expert in, and issues that are tangential to your work. For instance, a divorce firm should be focusing on articles about the steps to divorce, what a reasonable divorce attorney will look for, and spousal support. But they could also include articles on financial investments, grandparent visitation rights, and first amendment rights. 

These blogs are a way to exhibit your authority on such matters. They are an easy way to show why a potential client should hire you. You become a trusted resource for anyone looking for such information. 

Hiring Out

Many law firms consider hiring out for their blogs. Freelance writers, like myself, research and ghostwrite the content for the law firm to post. This approach frees up considerable time for an already busy law firm. But, law firms should remember to vet their freelancers to ensure they are capable of creating such content. As an attorney, with a passion for writing, I am uniquely capable of researching and writing for the legal market. If you’re going to hire out, you should be looking for someone with a similar skill-set and background as yourself. 

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