Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a common approach that is utilized widely in family counseling, anxiety counseling, PTSD counseling, etc. to enable relationships to not only rebuild, but to flourish. 

Why We Can Help

Here, at our Fresno family counseling center, our clinicians are well trained in the area of cognitive behavioral therapy and how it can be used to rebuild family relationships. We work to help our clients identify their emotions, turn their negative thoughts into more positive ones, and move forward building positive relationships with the world around them. 

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a short-term, goal-oriented type of therapy in which the client learns to identify their negative thoughts, or cognitive distortions, as they pop up. Once identified, these thoughts can be actively reframed by the client. This process leads to more positive ways of thinking, which in turn can positively affect such things as the clients’ stress level, sleep quality, and relationship dynamics.

How CBT Helps Family Relationships

Members of a family influence one another with their words and actions. As time goes on, and the family grows, their dynamics will change. This is due, mostly, to outside influences, and if the family is not resilient in the face of these demands, they will find themselves drifting apart. CBT works to empower a family by encouraging communication and reframing of negative thoughts.

If you feel like your family may benefit from CBT, please contact us today to get started

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